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Bozcaada Activities

Maritime Power Cup Open Sea Yacht Race
Each year the second phase of yacht competition organized by Turkish Naval Forces on the second weekend of July is hosted in Bozcaada.

Aya Paraskevi Day
The 26 of July are the days when the Greeks get together to celebrate the Haghia Paraskevi. It is also known as the Ayazma Fair. You should visit this place with its double-spouted historical fountain, its eight gigantic plane trees and the small chapel. Many Greeks from abroad come to the island for this festival every year. Some are old residents of the island while others are young Greeks who are curious about their origins. Sirtaki is danced to the music of groups coming from Greece. Priests come from Istanbul or Gökçeada. The Day of the Poet and Iliad Readings This activity, which has been taking place on the first weekend of each August for the last 5 years, was initiated by the personal endeavours of the famous Turkish journalist Haluk Sahin. It has already become a traditional festival.

Yunatçılar Anniversary
The first Turkish wine producers Yunatcilar of Bozcaada, devoted themselves to producing quality wines with their 81 years of history and experience.

Viticulture and wine making on the island has a heritage of 3000 years, reaching from the past of the island to the present. The grape bunches on the coins of Tenedos date back to 5C BC, and many old sources which mention Bozcaada wine from Homer to Evliya Çelebi’s travel book carry the traces of this deep rooted tradition. It is possible to talk about grape types special to the island. The grapes for making red wine are Kuntra and Karalahna, for white Çavus and Vasilaki are used. The white grape ‘Çavus’ is identified with the island and the most delicious ‘çavus’ is found here. In recent years some other brands from other countries such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah have stared to be grown and it seems that they have adapted to the geography of the island.
Other than traditional viniculture, there are high tech and wire systems both of which have become popular in the last few years. Irrigation is not used on the island’s vineyards and the protective measures applied are close to those of organic agriculture.

Wine Making
The people of the Island is known that made wines for centuries.Its unthinkable reason of the development of wine grapes are not to grown. where the people of the old Greek had lived wine making,and then the Turks have continued this tradition.

Deep Sea Diving
One of the major sites for deep sea diving along the Aegean Sea, Bozcaada possesses, in terms of marine attractions, a wealth of underwater flora and fauna.There are a number of points from which to dive. The clarity of the sea affords a view of a distance of 20-40 meters in the absence of planktons. Permission must be obtained for scuba diving and all-night diving excursions, while skin diving requires no permission.

The biggest advantage diving enthusiasts who come to the island have is that despite winds that blow in each direction, there are always out-of-the-way coves protected from the wind where diving remains possible. In addition to its offering of natural marine beauty, Bozcaada, with its shallower diving locations, is an especially safe place for those new to the sport of diving. Delightful wines of the island
Famous Çavuş table grapes.

Thyme honey: Since thyme is a common part of the island’s flora, honey produced here has a delicous thyme smell. Although it may have to be your lucky day to find it on sale!

Tomato jam: This very special jam, a remnant of the Greek cuisine of the island, is made of small tomatoes, each containing an almond seed.
Grape jam, grape-molasses, and raisins. An open market is set up every Wednesday on the slope to the Baytur houses, where organic vegetables, fruits and local produce are put on.

New Balance Bozcaada Half Marathon and 10K Run: Amateur and professional athletes from all over Turkey come together for the annual Balance Bozcaada 10 km Run and Half Marathon. In the running course of Bozcaada’s challenging course; There are two courses, half marathon and 10 kilometers.

BIFED – Bozcaada International Ecological Documentary Films Festival

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